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Yeo Yang Poh

Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh is the founding-partner of Yeo Chambers. He is also its Managing Partner.

Yang Poh has been in active practice since 1984. In 1986, he established the law firm of C.C. Kok & Yeo in Johor Bahru, which firm expanded in 1990 to become Yeo, Tan, Hoon & Tee, a name known in legal circles for 25 years before it adorned its present name of Yeo Chambers on 1.5.2014, when the firm moved to its current premises in order to house more lawyers.

At various times during his 3 decades of practice, Yang Poh has undertaken various litigation work of diverse nature. He is also experienced in handling conveyancing, commercial and corporate matters. For these last 16 years, his main focus has been in civil litigation, particularly in the areas of contract, tort, company & commercial disputes, land matters, planning law and administrative law.
  Yeo Yang Poh
Yang Poh is presently the Chairman of the Planning Appeal Board in the State of Penang. Some of his written Decisions are published in the Malayan Law Journal.
For more than a decade in the past, Yang Poh had been actively involved in the affairs of the Malaysian Bar and the Bar Council. He became the Vice President of the Bar from 2003 to 2005; and then its President from 2005 to 2007. During his tenure, he had led the Bar’s steadfast advocacy for greater transparency and accountability in all branches of the Government, for judicial independence, and for the advancement of fundamental freedoms and human rights. He also led the Bar’s teams of lawyers to assist the 2 Commissions of Enquiry into police misconduct; as well as the Commission of Enquiry into the infamous “Lingam Tape”.
Yang Poh was commissioned by the International Bar Association (IBA) in 2 international fact-finding missions; one in Sri Lanka and the other in Egypt. He co-authored the resultant 2 Reports – namely “Justice in Retreat: A report on the independence of the legal profession and the rule of law in Sri Lanka” (2009); and “Justice at a Crossroads: The Legal Profession and the Rule of Law in Egypt” (2011).
Yang Poh has written numerous articles on various subjects of law, which have been published in journals such as the Malayan Law Journal (MLJ) and the Current Law Journal (CLJ). He has also penned many articles on societal and human rights issues; which have appeared in both the electronic and print media, such as in the Star, the Sun, and Malaysiakini. He was a columnist in a number of newspapers and magazines, including the New Straits Times and Sin Chew Jit Poh (a Chinese-language Daily).
Yang Poh is presently the Chairman of the Planning Appeal Board in the State of Penang; a statutory tribunal set up pursuant to the Town & Country Planning Act 1976. He hears and determines planning appeals in the State of Penang. Some of his written Decisions are published in the Malayan Law Journal.

Yang Poh chaired the “Commission of Enquiry into 2 Structural Failures in the State of Penang”. The full Commission Report has been published.

Yang Poh is an Arbitrator with the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA). He is also a qualified mediator.

Yang Poh is trilingual (in English, Chinese/Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia). He also speaks a few Chinese dialects.
Yang Poh enjoys music, the arts, and travelling.


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