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The history of our firm can be traced all the way back to 1986. In that year, the late Mr C.C. Kok and Mr Yeo Yang Poh set up their law practice in Johor Bahru  under the firm name of  C.C.Kok & Yeo.  The office of C.C. Kok & Yeo was at Bangunan Perkim, Johor Bahru.

In 1990, with the intake of more partners, C.C.Kok & Yeo changed its firm name to Yeo, Tan, Hoon & Tee. When Yeo, Tan, Hoon & Tee commenced its practice, the office of the firm was located at the 7th Floor of Asia Life Building (now known as Tokio Marine Life Building), Johor Bahru.
  Yeo Chambers
On 1st May 2014, two major changes took place.

First, Yeo, Tan, Hoon & Tee changed its firm name to the current name of our firm, namely Yeo Chambers.

Secondly, the firm relocated to our current office at the 30th Floor of the Johor Bahru City Square Officer Tower.

There are currently 10 lawyers who carry on their practice in our firm.

The longest serving lawyer in our firm is our Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh. Apart from being a founder partner of C.C.Kok & Yeo in 1986, he is also the only partner in our firm who had been a partner in both  C.C.Kok & Yeo and in Yeo, Tan, Hoon & Tee.

There are two members of our staff who have been with the firm since 1986. Our Senior Clerk, En. Abdul Hamid, who commenced his employment with C.C.Kok & Yeo on 1.3.1986, is still providing faithful services to our firm. Likewise, Madam K.M. Chong (our Senior Secretary) who joined C.C.Kok & Yeo  on 1.8.1986, continues to be a valuable asset in our firm.
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